Review: The Diligent by Robert Harms

Robert Harms, The Diligent (Basic Books, 2002) A review of Robert Harm’s newest work, Land of Tears, was posted here last January. Many of you have bought the book, and since I think his work is phenomenal, I wanted to showcase his prior work that introduced me to his writing. Since the beginning for the […]

Book Review: Patriots by Christian Appy

The conflict in Vietnam between the United States and Vietnamese nationalists from the 1950’s to the mid-1970’s generated a narrative in America traditionally focused on American geopolitics and societal cause-and-effect, often eschewing the role their Vietnamese combatants played in deciding the conflict. Under this structure, historians often severely underplay the role of the Vietnamese civilians, […]

Review: Why Trust Science by Naomi Oreskes

Science is in a crisis of trust. Politicians frequently deny the role of humans in climate change. Celebrities (as well as a significant amount of the general population) won’t vaccinate their children. There is an obvious distrust among some of the public regarding science. People deny some of the most established scientific findings we have […]