Reopening after Opening

Root and Press will be opening for takeout and curbside pickup Weds-Sun, 9:00-3:00. The full menu will be available and can be found here. Please note, we may have to change some items because we are reliant on other local businesses for many of our products, and they have consolidated product lines or are still not operating.

Every business owner I know has faced such unique challenges that it is unfair to apply generalisms to mom and pop stores, even those in the same industry. Some restaurants are thriving, some will be thriving, and some face a long road ahead filled with uncertainty. As we just opened last year, we basically had no fourth quarter of our initial year, a time when many in business will tell you that new businesses start to “turn the curve.” Therefore, we have focused many of our efforts attempting to remain relevant in any conceivable “new normal,” a phrase i detest but, with the uncertainty of what will characterize daily life in a few months, there really is no other term I can think of.

We have already taken steps to try and compete for business now, as we have a limited opening, while also looking forward to the days when we can have diners eat in. We have completely refurbished and cleaned the store, we have changed the layout to help with social distancing and spacing, and we have moved online, both selling books at and putting out menu online through the Joe App.

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We’ve partnered with joe so you can order ahead from your phone and have your order ready when you arrive! No lines, no wait, no reason to pass us up when you’re in a rush. Each time you order you earn points towards free drinks and receive deals and discounts that you can redeem on your favorite items on our menu. (Ed. Note: These are Joe’s words, not ours, but we share the enthusiasm!)

These points and coupons are available on the APP – if you do not want another app on your phone, or you simply prefer to order through a browser, you can do that too (from the menu page I linked to above.) But, we must say, to reap the full rewards of the program, you would be better served ordering through the app itself.

The biggest challenge facing us when we first shut down was managing to go orders with only one phone line and a small staff (even if we installed another phone line, I would have to hire someone else to come in and actually answer the phone.) Ordering online has such benefits for customer and staff it really is a win-win.

When we opened, we wanted to create an atmosphere, an environment conducive to congreagating and hosting events. This has obviously been turned on its head. Yet, the community has still taken care of the Root and Press Family, and Nicole and I, as well as the staff, cannot thank you enough!


Click here or text “coffee” to 474747.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing and visiting your store for food, coffee and books. Hoping that all goes well for you as you embark on your reopening 🙂

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