R&P Schoolhouse Vol. 1: Race and Diversity

The R&P Schoolhouse is a page designed to connect our store to parents and children via educational professionals in school districts across the state. We are not affiliated with any school but instead utilize the creative passion of teachers to create reading lists, promote crafts and activities, and review books of utmost importance in the genres of social themes and beahvioral development. And, of course, we have our share of FUN!

Since we opened Root and Press, Nicole and I have looked forward to the day when we could develop a community-enriching idea to pair with our day-to-day store activities. A chance email from blogger Kristen Amato opened the floodgates and allowed us the chance to produce content that will (hopefully!) be a source for continued learning and engagement with books!

A major component to our interactions with you will be through a Kid’s ClubNight we plan to host every other Tuesday at Root and Press. These events are obviously on hold until it is safe to congregate, but we plan to have a free storytime hour and food/drink at a relatively low-cost to local families. We are excited about this project and look to pass along more information as we further plan these events.

Until then, please check out R&P Schoolhouse via the link above!

Whenever a crisis hits our nation, or there is wrong in the world, parents and educators resort to books in order to spread a message of hope, compassion, and empathy. Kristen Amato has curated a list in response to the questions children may have about race and diversity. She has also thoroughly reviews The Day You Begin by Jaqueline Woodson, Illustrated by Rafael López. (Ages 4 & up)

In this charming and inclusive story, Woodson’s narrative gives power to children (and people) from all walks of life. From the way we look, to the way we sound, to the things that we eat, there are all kinds of things that make us unique; this story highlights these differences for our young readers.

This book touches upon several important themes: inclusion, differences, race, bravery, empathy, and the power of stories. This inspiring tale sends the message that when we share our stories, “the world opens itself up a little wider to make some space for you”. Now more than ever, it is important to hear the stories of those whose experiences differ from your own, and this book highlights this message beautifully. This, coupled with López’s whimsical illustrations make this book a must-have for classrooms and home libraries alike.

Kristen’s bookshelf on race (click here) is also a resource for those looking for books on race and diversity. We are an affiliate of bookshop.org and purchasing titles on these sites help us immensely. We will be curating more lists like this in the future so keep an eye out.

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