R&P Schoolhouse Vol. 3: Sun and Fun

Put away the schoolbooks! Don’t worry though – Root and Press has lots of great reads to keep the kids engaged and happy through the hot summer. Kristen (@thepreschoolproject) has come up with a bunch of books (Ages 3-8) that are fun enough to keep the kids challenged but also challenging/thought provoking enough that it can tie together some lessons they learned throughout the year (or lessons they will learn next year!)

Stuck at home this summer? We got you covered! Even if you are going on vacation (good luck to you!) or to the beach/park/lake for some fun activities, Kristen also selected a full list of ocean-related titles that bring this experience to literary form! This list includes many titles that touch on conservation and protecting the environment, so they are great tools to teach children about protecting these treasures.

Stacy McAnulty has wrote a series of books that teach children about our heavenly bodies – first was “Earth!”, “Sun!”, “Moon!”, and now, just in time for summer, is “Oceans!”. Nicole wrote a quick review about what this book covers!

“Stacy Mcanulty and illustrator David Litchfield bring our largest bodies to life by writing narrative nonfiction storybooks for children of all ages up to 12.  “Oceans!” and their other works are written from the point of view of the subject (i.e. the Ocean) and personifies the subject to connect with the readers.  The author’s stories gives factual information in a manner that makes children want to keep reading and learning more.  The vibrant and detailed illustrations that accompany the words make the book visually stimulating.   This enchanted story tells the history of the the Ocean and gives children a beginning love for our bodies of water!”

One of our favorite local authors also has a new book out (it was released in February which is “new” in the sense that many children haven’t been in a store since then!) J. Roach-Evans, author o Seaweed (available in store) also has released Marine Animals from the Northeast Coast (available in-store and on Bookshop), a locally sourced book about the exact wildlife and marine biology you will find around New England. The best way to support our literary community is by buying local author titles from local bookstores!

Finally, we have some new releases to showcase that are not necessarily related to the beach/ocean, but are fun nonetheless!

First we have an exciting board book series that asks deep questions in a wonderfully accessible way. Even little children have big questions about life. Simone de Beauvoir focused much of her work on the concept of equality, insisting that girls and boys and women and men should have the same opportunities to be happy. Everyone should have the right to be themselves and be treated with respect no matter what. Kids will come away from this book encouraged to think about how the same things can make girls and boys happy or sad or excited, and everyone should listen to who they are on the inside and respect that in others.Look for all four Big Ideas for Little Philosophers board books: Equality with Simone de Beauvoir, Truth with SocratesHappiness with Aristotle, and Imagination with Rene Descartes.

We also have these workbooks in – a lot of you have asked for materials that can help children stay on track throughout the summer!Already looking forward to next year? First Day Jitter Critters just came out, and it shows a variety of animals who are nervous!

“It’s almost the first day of school, and the animals are nervous. Sloth worries about getting there on time, snake can’t seem to get his backpack fastened onto his body, and bunny is afraid she’ll want to hop around instead of sitting still. When they all arrive at their classroom, though, they’re in for a surprise: Somebody else is nervous too. It’s their teacher, the armadillo! He has rolled in as a ball, and it takes him a while to relax and unfurl. But by the next day, the animals have all figured out how to help one another through their jitters. School isn’t so scary after all.”

2020 is an election year and it is never too soon to begin thinking of our greatest civic duty to our little ones. Introducing If I Had Your Vote with the Cat in the Hat.

“If the Cat in the Hat is elected president, life in the White House is about to get a lot more interesting–and funny! The Cat plans to shake things up. On his agenda: To change the shape of the Oval Office (to make it far more OVAL-ER-ER); to replant the Rose Garden with Seussian shrubbery; to paint smiles on portraits of frowning world leaders; and (among other things) to shoot a SOCK-IT rocket into space to shower the United States with an explosion of socks! Written in rhyme and featuring a cast of characters from The Cat in the Hat and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, this is the perfect, kid-friendly way to introduce beginning readers to life in the White House AND to the Cat in the Hat.Originally created by Dr. Seuss, Beginner Books encourage children to read all by themselves, with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning.”

Last but not least, the Baby-Sitters Club franchise has continued their push into graphic novels by releasing Baby Sister Baby-Sitter – the second just released. The first. Karen’s Witch was released in a few months back, and the second, Karen’s Roller Skates just dropped in July. Check them out!

Next week we have a ton of new releases coming out so stay tuned!

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