R&P Schoolhouse Vol. 4: Get the Popsicle Sticks!

We are reaching the point in the summer where you are probably driving yourself crazy figuring out things to do with the kiddos. This has no doubt been exacerbated by both the early start to summer vacation (or at least kids being home) and the limited means and/or destinations we can safely travel this spring. We are going to load this post up with three activities to do with books you may already have in your home. Then we will post some books you won’t have in your home – new releases this week!

Activity A.

This activity is from Kristen, who has a M.Ed in Integrated Teaching Through the Arts. To find so many more projects visit her at @thepreschoolproject.

Activity B.

Nicole from Root and Press (and more importantly a 3rd grade teacher in Worcester!) used a book she reviewed last week to create this project.

Activity C.

Lastly, inspired by a tale as old as time – a project to test ingenuity!

If you are looking for any of these books and want to support the store, we have provided links below!

Three Little Pigs (by Carly Gledhill)

Earth! (by Stacy McAnulty)

We covered Ocean books last week – a WHOLE SHELF can be found here!

New Releases

The biggest release of the week is undoubtedly Antiracist Baby by Ibram X. Kendi – author of the Stamped books (Adult and YA Version with Jason Reynolds) and How to Be an Antiracist, one of the best selling books in the country throughout June and July.

Supply of these books can be tight and demand can be high – as of this writing we have a decent amount of copies but don’t wait! For online shoppers, they will probably be back ordered on the website but should be delivered within a few weeks.

The book comes as a board book or a picture book for slightly older readers.

Sun and Moon Have a Tea Party – by Yumi Heo

In this perfect bedtime read, the sun and moon argue with each other about what happens during the day and night.

Sun and Moon sit down for a tea party, but they soon find out that they see the world very differently. Moon says moms and dads get their kids ready for bed, while Sun says no, they get their children ready for school. So who’s right? Well, as the two come to find out, they both are. With the help of Cloud, a gentle mediator, each stays up past their bedtime and sees the world from the other’s incredible point of view.Perfect for sleepy listeners, here is a charming young picture book that will also help children see the world from different perspectives.

The Fish Who Found the Sea by Alan Watts

A rediscovered treasure for a new generation: the first and only story for children ever written by Alan Watts.

Alan Watts, beloved for bringing a childlike wonder to the spiritual journey, once wrote a story for children.ย The Fish Who Found the Seaย brings this delightful and wise parable to life for a new generation. Presented with new art from award-winning illustrator Khoa Le, here is a story as timely as it is entertaining–sharing a key message about getting into harmony with the flow of life.In this tale of a tail,ย we meet a fish with a curiously familiar problem–he’s gotten himself so mixed up that he spends all his time chasing himself in circles Only the Great Sea knows how to help our poor fish get out of the mess he’s created with his own runaway thoughts. Here is a parable that perfectly captures the wit and wisdom that have made Alan Watts a timeless teacher we will never outgrow.

Soaked! by Abi Cushman

A Hula-Hooping moose, a badger with a bumblebee umbrella, a rabbit in a cashmere sweater, and a very wet bear star in this unpredictable and laugh-out-loud picture book in which having fun gets the best of a grumpy bear.

It looks like a wet and dreary day for Bear and his trio of friends. How could he possibly have fun when he is soaked? But Badger, Rabbit, and Moose don’t seem to mind. In fact, Moose can still hula hoop! And it looks like so much fun. Might Bear like to try?Here is a story that shows that fun is not dependent on sunshine and blue skies. In fact, it might be more fun to be soaked!

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