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News on Ordering Online and a New Menu!

Since COVID hit and we transferred to mostly takeout to support the store - we have been running into various space issues - how to make room for "plating" in larger boxes than customary plates (boxes are so large when they are opened, waiting for food) and where to keep your boxes as we wait for your arrival (as opposed to plates that we would just take out to the dining room.) We cannot complain - on the contrary we cannot believe how much you guys have supported us through the various up-and-downs of the pandemic. 


As we move to warmer weather, we have had time to process the demands of online/takeout ordering and, as we look forward to a world with some sort of seating (indoor, outdoor, or both) we are realizing we need to make some changes to the menu we had established before last March. We have increased smaller options, (toasts, lite bites, flatbreads), added a few salads, added some vegan options, added chicken wings to the menu, and added some drinks to our offering. (The coffee/espresso menu is unchanged.) The most significant cut is definitely breakfast entrees - we just did not have the space to keep burners around at all times. We have the flat grill for all the sandwiches, but omelettes, scramblers, etc. take relatively more space (and time) to make and really slowed us down at moments. So we apologize that we had something and then had to take it away but, since we added the burgers and fry stations, we had no choice.


In addition, strictly because of cash considerations, we will be coming of the Joe platform and starting a POS with Toast (both online and in-store.) This will save us thousands of dollars every year (not that we think THAT far ahead - hopeful thinking!) and although we had good feedback from customers, there were issues on our end (besides the cost) that diminished the staffs effectiveness in serving you in the most timely manner. These issues would have been compounded whenever we have you guys in-house again, so we needed to take care of this ASAP. Here are some good parts:


  • Toast will have online ordering and an app for you to use, an app that will be connected to other restaurants in the area as well (Joe had none in-state last I checked.)
  • We will have the same reward set-up as on Joe, but now when you shop in-store at the cafe you can be linked to the system to accrue points. 

As a measure of caution, we are keeping Joe going for another few weeks in order to allow you to use any balance (please don't upload more money if you only shop with us via Joe) and to use any rewards you may have earned. We are not sure our last date yet, nor are we sure when we will start using our new POS in-store, but we think we are about a week to ten days away.

So please feel free to give us feedback as we go through these changes. Please note that anything we took off the menu was probably necessary and done with regret. And please try some of our new options on the menu and give us feedback. As always, we remain dedicated to giving you a great, consistent place in Tatnuck to eat, explore, and enjoy.

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