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End of Summer Plans

by Rich Collins

I have run into a contradiction as I attempt to deliver these weekly posts. I try to keep things fresh and exciting so I have news to deliver. Yet, the more I attempt to do, the less time I have to actually deliver the news to you. I believe I am 3/5 in delivering these newsletters (Teddy Ballgame might be proud...I'm sure you're less impressed.)

I have hired a helping hand to deliver and upload some content to this newsletter. Her name is Nora and you will see her around the store doing various book/barista things! She is new, so please say hello! My goal is to start delivering these every Thursday night with book releases for the following Tuesday, mostly so I can further antagonize you with even more anticipation than before. 

Moving forward, the biggest struggle for the business proper is how to juggle the books and seating capacity. With limited indoor seating and our outdoor seating  (it does get SO hot though mid-afternoon) we are getting by well-enough. The challenge is when it gets colder, or rainy, and we have such limited options for indoor diners. We are working to figure something out on this end so hopefully we can accommodate as many diners as we can without becoming unsafe. 

I will be sending a newsletter Thursday with an expanded list of book related news. I will also be writing book blogs again starting this weekend. On tap I have Begin Again by Eddie S. Glaude Jr. which covers the writing life of James Baldwin as he coped with the realization that the Civil Right's Movement of the 1960's was losing its promise by the end of the decade. After that I will be posting about Six Days In August: The Story of Stockholm Syndrome by David King. I will also be posting my 3rd piece on the Vietnam War series: They March Into Sunlight by David Maraniss. 

If you miss it on Instagram/FB, we are having an Orange Dot Sale this week. We have marked books down 30-70% - plus if you buy 4, you get the fifth free. With limited space and new releases coming every week, we are looking to turn over our stock. And instead of shipping books back, we hope to move them out to you! 

This week was light on new releases except for kids books. We will highlight new releases this week and last week on Thursday. Same with book news and notes. Until then, be safe and happy.

If you have any thoughts and concerns about this newsletter or the store in general, please reach out at



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