Who are we?

Root and Press in an independently owned cafe and bookstore based in Worcester, MA.

We are committed to providing a unique selection of the best from the literary world.  Hand picked and staff approved, we focus on the here and now, including non-fiction titles that drive debate and literary fiction titles that present issues confronting the world around us in a new light. We hope you will help support the creative minds around us!

Our small but welcoming cafe provides an outlet to relax, eat, finish papers, meet and greet with friends, and engage in many social activities. Allow our barista to make your brew just the way you like it! We have a locally sourced, light fare menu featuring salads, sandwiches, wraps, pastries, breakfast items, and more! Our coffee is roasted locally to ensure the best possible taste! Full espresso selection!

And let’s not forget our community. We take pride in striving to be a 1:1:1 company. We dedicate 1 percent of our time, 1 percent of our product, and 1 percent of our profits to local charities! We also sell items made or crafted from Central Massachusetts that are all eco-friendly! All our plastics and take-out containers are sourced from companies that are eco-conscious.

Come down and support our small businesses!