Upping Our Game: Rewards Program 8% BACK – Books NOW Included

Root and Press is running a promotion on all in-store books from here until the end of the year. We will be allowing you to accrue points for book purchases the same as you currently do in the café for food and drinks if you are a member of our PressBucks program. We are also upgrading the rewards points to $8.00 back every $100.00 you spend in store. If you shop here frequently, this is a lot of savings! From a macro-economic perspective, utilizing the program saves you 8% on every purchase (not at the time of purchase but in accrued benefits, hence the “loyalty” in loyalty-rewards!) In addition, we will be sending out birthday treats, occasional coupons, and other perks to our members. So sign up here if you are not a member:

(For those that have signed-up for 15-for-15 book benefits – lucky you! While we are ending the program, we are honoring the membership itself, of course, and you will now save ~ 23% on books until the end of the year if you use the reward points!)

The most effective way to keep track of your points (especially for food/online orders) is by downloading the Toast app. The app tracks your purchase by establishing an account with your email or phone number. The program will also recognize saved debit/credit cards and link to the account if you use the card in store, for instance.

We have tried many ways to marry the multiple storefronts our little shop has, and we find this to be a great solution. We are working on how to integrate online book sales into rewards. One idea we are working on is a double point day for books/food at our store. Once we decide which hours to use, we will be sure to remind you as much as possible to maximize awareness to savings!

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